Posted by: Ray Brescia | August 21, 2013

Why Law, if It’s Not about the Money?

I’ve spent all of my legal career in the non-profit sector–first, working for legal services institutions that provided free legal services to low-income people, and, now, in academia. I also was fortunate to have a clerkship with a judge for one year.  For me, I did not go to law school to make the big bucks.  Many of my heroes, who have spent their careers in public service, did not either.  Recently, I penned two opinion pieces on this topic in which I emphasize the non-monetary value of a law degree.  I also address the importance of inspiring our law students to pursue public service jobs as well as the need to fund legal services for the indigent so that there can be jobs for those students when they graduate.  In case you missed them and wish to read either one, they can be found here and here.

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