Posted by: Ray Brescia | September 16, 2015

ICYMI: Post on Lawyers, Meaningful Work, and Amazon-Style Working Conditions

If you have a moment, please check out my recent post on the Huffington Post entitled “Lawyers Have Worked in Amazon-Style Conditions for Decades.”  In it, I discuss the recent controversy concerning the working conditions at, and explore the extent to which those conditions are similar to those under which many lawyers have labored all too frequently in recent memory.  It also explores whether such conditions are conducive to creative, meaningful, and rewarding work.  If one does think of the practive of law as creative, meaningful and rewarding (which I do), it might lead one to question the wisdom of such working conditions for lawyers.


  1. On the other hand, when I was an associate at a 25 attorney firm in 1983, I was told that my particular form of creativity as a lawyer would have a place in a mega-firm where there are so many slots to fill ,but not in a smaller firm.

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