Posted by: Ray Brescia | November 15, 2016

Cities and Immigrants: One City’s Experience with Resistance and Renewal

As many communities, families and individuals wonder what the future holds for our immigrant communities, one city–the City of New Haven–has been leading the way in promoting inclusive policies that are welcoming to immigrant communities, like the adoption of a resident identification card, available to all residents in the city. These practices were initially met with opposition from the federal government, including heartless, early-morning raids to enforce immigration warrants.  But the city, its residents, and institutions fought back.  Read about the New Haven experience, written by then-Mayor John DeStefano, in his chapter in How Cities Will Save the World: Urban Innovation in the Face of Population Flows, Climate Change, and Economic Inequality (Routledge 2016), which can be ordered here. (Admittedly, it’s expensive to purchase; maybe ask your library to order it!)  You can also read the overview and introduction, written by my co-editor, John Travis Marshall, and I, here.

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