Posted by: Ray Brescia | November 27, 2017

Read “Will Law Schools See a ‘Trump Bump'”

Read my most recent article assessing the apparent increase in the number of individuals taking the LSAT exam and what it might mean for law students, law schools, and access to justice.

Here’s a little teaser:

All indications are that the Trump Administration could be shaping up to be a full employment plan for lawyers, on both sides of the aisle. The private bar, state and local governments, and private charities can offer support for organizations providing free legal assistance to those who need it in Trump’s America and help satisfy the hunger on the part of prospective law students to work for social justice. And they may be the only hope for doing so; it should come as no surprise that funding to fight for social justice in opposition to Trump Administration policies is not going to come from the federal government.

The apparent renewed desire to attend law school comes at a propitious time. Over the last few years, the consensus seemed be that the world did not need more lawyers; soon, there simply may not be enough to go around.

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