Posted by: Ray Brescia | March 30, 2018

More on Rural Justice Issues in New York State


The latest issue of the Government, Law and Policy Journal—a publication of NYSBA produced in cooperation with Albany Law School’s Government Law Center—can now be downloaded in its entirety on SSRN here.

The following are just some of the subjects covered in the volume, many of which touch on important rural access-to-justice issues:

  • Kristen Wagner and Victoria Esposito tackle the access-to-justice gap in rural New York generally in two separate articles;
  • Andrew Davies and Alyssa Clark look at the access-to-justice issue as it plays out in local courts;
  • Albany Law student Patrick Wood looks at it in the tribal courts in New York; and
  • Taier Perlman, a staff attorney in the Government Law Center, looks at rural businesses and their lack of access to justice.

In addition, Marcella Sgroi assesses how the Violence Against Women Act is being applied in tribal courts in the state.  In my own submission to the volume, I write about how rural communities can utilize technology to help bridge the justice gap.

Rural communities often get overlooked in the access-to-justice debate.  I hope this publication helps highlight and raise the profile of the problems rural communities face in securing access to justice.


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