Posted by: Ray Brescia | October 19, 2018

New York Not-for-Profits — Got Legal Needs? Tell Us about Them


For many New York not-for-profits, the vast and public-spirit-minded legal community in New York State provides countless hours of pro bono service to those organizations in a range of legal matters.  In New York City, an array of legal services providers also provide free legal services to not-for-profit groups, including the Urban Justice Center, New York Lawyers for the Public Interest, and Lawyers Alliance for New York, among others.  Are you a not-for-profit in New York State and have legal needs, met or unmet?  Even if you do get some or even all of your legal needs met by local attorneys, we want to hear from you.  Help the New York legal community understand your legal needs better and assist us in documenting the justice gap for New York’s not-for-profits.  Please take just a few minutes and complete the anonymous survey here.  Whether you pay for an attorney, get all your legal needs met for free, have just some of your legal needs satisfied, or have no idea where to turn for legal assistance, please tell us about your experience accessing legal assistance as a non-profit in New York State.  If you do plan to take the survey, please do so by October 27th.  Thank You!

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