Posted by: Ray Brescia | September 16, 2021

Up Next in Tech — Digital Privacy?

In today’s New York Times, Brian X. Chen writes the following about the apparent dismantling of the digital advertising system, valued at $350 billion, that relies on our private digital information:

Driven by online privacy fears, Apple and Google have started revamping the rules around online data collection. Apple, citing the mantra of privacy, has rolled out tools that block marketers from tracking people. Google, which depends on digital ads, is trying to have it both ways by reinventing the system so it can continue aiming ads at people without exploiting access to their personal data.

While these acts of self-regulation could be decent first steps towards protecting online privacy, more robust regulation is going to be needed to accomplish true digital privacy. I have some ideas. If of interest, I explore these issues and make some recommendations for ways to protect digital privacy here, here, and here.

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