Posted by: Ray Brescia | April 27, 2017

Law Student Engagement with Current Events and Social Justice

I was honored to play a small part in the effort to support 167 members of Congress in the filing of amicus briefs in two pending cases before the U.S. Courts of Appeals challenging the Trump Administration’s current immigration bans affecting six predominantly Muslim countries.  Read about the effort here.  The students really drove this effort and their leadership, grit, and integrity is so inspiring to me.  Thank you Andrew Carpenter, Elyssa Klein, Mary Ann Krisa, Graham Molho, Martha Mahoney, and Gloria Sprague for giving us all hope that there is a new generation of emerging public interest lawyers ready to take up the mantle of social justice and access to justice!

Back Row, Left to Right: Mary Ann Krisa, Andrew Carpenter, and Martha Mahoney.

Front Row, Left to Right: Graham Molho, Gloria Sprague, and Elyssa Klein.

Read the Fourth Circuit brief here.

Read the Ninth Circuit brief here.

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