Posted by: Ray Brescia | May 1, 2017

Austin and Albany: Two Cities Promoting Inclusive Growth and Lowering Inequality

According to a recent Brookings Institution report, relatively few of the nation’s largest 100 metropolitan areas are showing broad-based and inclusive economic growth: i.e., economic growth that works to combat inequality.  Much of urban innovation and economic activity can help to lead to greater inequality.  What Austin, Albany and a few other cities are doing is showing how to have economic growth without exacerbating inequality, as the following table from the Brookings report reveals.


As the authors in the volume How Cities Will Save the World: Urban Innovation in the Face of Population Shifts, Climate Change and Economic Inequality reveal, cities can serve as engines of economic activity that leads to economic inequality but can also lead the way in charting paths forward that reduce inequality, as Austin and Albany show is possible.

Read the Introduction to How Cities Will Save the World here.

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