Posted by: Ray Brescia | March 15, 2018

How Cities Will Save the World (Now in Paperback!)


Several years back, I teamed up with John Marshall to collaborate and edit a volume that brought together a group of really interesting thinkers on the role of cities in addressing some of the most significant challenges of the day, like refugees and immigration, climate change, and economic inequality.  That work culminated in the book How Cities Will Save the World: Urban Innovation in the Face of Population Flows, Climate Change, and Economic Inequality. That volume, with chapters by former Mayor of the City of New Haven, John DeStefano, who took on the federal government because of that city’s progressive stance towards its immigrant community, and Kathleen Morris , who describes the counsel’s office at the City of San Francisco and the important affirmative litigation that office brings.  These and many of the other issues we address in the book could not be more timely today.  And now the book is available in paperback here!  You can read the introduction to the book, co-authored by Marshall and I, here.

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