Posted by: Ray Brescia | March 21, 2018

Access to Justice for Non-Profits

Last night, Albany Law students Alexandria Decatur and Julia Kosineski previewed a new program the students helped develop as part of their work in one of the classes I teach at Albany Law School: “The Law of Social Entrepreneurship and Exempt Organizations.”  The course covers the law of non-profits and social enterprises. As part of the course, Alexandria and Julia worked in teams with other students to develop two guided interviews using the program of the Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction (, A2J Author.  Last night, Alexandria and Julia presented their projects to community members in Schenectady who agreed to beta test and help with the development of the programs.  It is fitting that, if one squints, one can see the General Electric sign off in the horizon behind Julia in the third photo!

For more on the capacity of technology to help close the access to justice gap, please see my article Embracing Disruption: How Technological Change in the Delivery of Legal Services Can Improve Access to Justice here.

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